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The Monroe Apartments

Project Number: 01011104

Project Address: 49 Sheridan Avenue

Applicant Name: 39 Sheridan Realty LLC

Owner(s): Marc Paquin ,Gerry Gauer, Guy Alonge III, Todd Mosher

Developer: Cass Hill Development Co.

Project Description:

Demolish approximately 30,533 square feet of industrial additions to the original four story building, and the 4,800 square feet of uninhabitable multifamily building located at 67 Sheridan Avenue. Renovate and expand the remaining structure to a +/- 57,725 square foot loft apartment building.

Approval Date: 05/06/2011

Estimated Net Benefit to Local Taxing Jurisdictions (PILOT): $0

Estimated Employment Impact:

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Project Documents

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