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Albany IDA Project Index

Clinton Avenue Apartments II

Project Number: 123

Project Address: Scattered Site (Clinton Avenue)

Applicant Name: Clinton Avenue Apartments II, LLC

Owner(s): Nelson Leehouts, Sarah Struzzi, Megan Houppert

Developer: Home Leasing

Project Description:

The Project proposes to revitalize 6 properties located on Clinton Avenue in Arbor Hill. The proposed project includes the historic preservation of four vacant rowhomes and the adaptive reuse of a long vacant former school building and the new construction of a 3-story mixed use building into a total of 61 residential affordable housing units (36 – or +/- 59% - new construction and 25 – or +/- 41% - rehab) benefiting households with incomes up to 80% of the Area Median Income. Additionally, the mixed use building incorporates approx. 12,000 SF of commercial space dedicated to the Albany Center for Economic Success with the intention β€œto promote successful ownership of sustainable businesses among people of color, women and low-income individuals by providing technical assistance and incubator services.”

Approval Date: 01/21/21

Estimated Net Benefit to Local Taxing Jurisdictions (PILOT): $1,658,514

Estimated Employment Impact: 150 Construction jobs and 17 full-time jobs created, 0 full-time retained

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